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IBM Z, IBM Power Systems, LinuxONE and other wonders

After more than half of my life working with x86 architecture computers, I thought I already have seen most of what’s out there, until one day I stepped with a client that had one thing called, “THE MAINFRAME” in her … Continue reading

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One year and one day at IBM

It has been one year and one day since I joined IBM. It took me a while to explain to my friends and to myself why I moved to IBM. I already had great places to go. Either go back … Continue reading

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DevOps Kitchen: How SonarQube, Azure Container Instances, Linux and VSTS work together?

Old times when Microsoft and Linux lived in parallel universes are over. Nowadays with the introduction of Cloud Services and Containers, the matter of the chosen OS is meaningless. While practising DevOps, you will find out that the technologies and … Continue reading

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30 Days of DevOps: Choosing the right DB in AWS

Continuing with my 30 Days of DevOps experience at NTT Data Impact I came up with a couple of projects where my client was asking to move traditional SQL Server Databases to the cloud, and given that the majority of our services … Continue reading

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30 Days of DevOps : Gitflow vs Github flow

Deciding what’s the right branching strategy can always be painful. From it, depends not only how your source code is being merged and maintained, but also how software is going to be built, tested, released and how hotfixes and patches … Continue reading

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30 Days of DevOps: Azure resources, environments and Terraform

Managing Azure Resources is a piece of cake, isn’t it? Just log into the Azure portal, select or create a resource group and begin administering your resources. Quite straightforward, right? But, let’s say we have a case where we have … Continue reading

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30 Days of DevOps: Elastic cloud vs AWS PaaS ELK

Some time ago I read an interesting article titled: “Is It the Same as Amazon’s Elasticsearch Service?“ It was quite a good article, to be honest, it compared perfectly 2 great elastic implementations: Elastic cloud from and Elasticsearch services from … Continue reading

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30 Days of DevOps: Test Automation and Azure DevOps

Coding best practices are becoming the norm. More and more development teams are acquiring habits during their developments such as TDD and even BDD. Despite this meaning having to shift left completely the testing, it’s something that for some teams … Continue reading

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30 days of DevOps: Application Logging

How do you analyse the behaviour of your application or services during development or when moving the code to production? This is one of the most challenging things to control when we deploy software into an environment. Yes, the deployment … Continue reading

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30 days of DevOps: Jenkins and Jira

Another DevOps day at MagenTys. Part of DevOps is to increase transparency and improve the end 2 end traceability of our user stories from the conception to the release out of the pipeline. There are different ways to bring that … Continue reading

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