[Windows Phone] Tip #1. Camera Lenses

​Few people know about the camera lenses on Windows Phone, something really cool that every Windows Phone has and that can delight from the most very professional photograper to the most junior selfie-maniac. Photolenses will enhance the camera experience on your phone allowing you to create 360 experiences, capture notes from a whiteboard directly into […]

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Windows Phone 8 Resources

As you know Windows Phone 8 was launched a couple of weeks ago and now you can have access to several resources to build applications for this platform. Let me make highlight the most important resources for Windows Phone developers Resources: Windows Phone Dev Center Windows Phone 8 SDK Windows Phone Samples Windows Phone API […]

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[Videos]Diseño de apps con Windows Phone 7(Parte 2/3)

Aquí van los siguientes 5 vídeos del curso, espero que sean de vuestro agrado. Módulo 6: Controles en Silverlight(III) Analizaremos muchos de los controles básicos de los que disponemos en Silverlight, como pueden ser los Shapes, Botones, Checkboxes, Sliders, TextBlocks… Módulo 7: Controles en Silverlight(IV) En este vídeo vamos a trabajar con imágenes, vídeo y […]

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