Reporting on TFS

Today during the Deep dive in Visual Studio and MTM course we were covering the types of reports that can be produced in TFS. Either for tracking your tasks or your tests progress, these reports are produced from the same place and with the same mechanism. Let’s take a look to the next picture: As […]

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C# Programming resources

While running the Certified Scrum Developer Training at SQS London, we went through an amazing journey across TDD and BDD techniques using C# as a main programming languages. For some of us, it was a good practice that helped us to refresh our rusty programming skills, for others was a way to move a Tester […]

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How to update to TFS 2013.4

​Step 1: Download the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 4 from your MSDN subscription or Microsoft downloads Step 2: Start the installer: <Image not available> Step 3: Let the installation be. It will copy the needed components for the update <Image not available> Step 4: Follow the Team Foundation Server Upgrade starting with […]

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