How to uninstall IE11 form your computer

Looks funny but people can think that having IE11 will be fully backwards compatible and even have tons of new features. Well, the thing is that for some specific scenarios IE11 is not supporting some plugins, activeX or old scripts and we have to revert it back to IE10 in order to do our work properly.

One example was explain to me from my colleague Abid; he told me in some scenarios the Microsoft CodeUI Testing tools​ don’t work properly with IE11, and this is an impediment for our teams.

Here is the solution to fix the problem:

1. On your Windows 7 computer, go to Control Panel –> Uninstall a program

2. On the top-left corner of your screen you will see View installed updates

3. On the list of installed updates you will be able to find Internet Explorer 11.

4. Right click on Internet Explorer 11 and uninstall it.

5. Restart your computer and voila!

If you want to make sure IE11 is not installed further with your Windows Updates, open the Windows Updates tool and on the optional updates you will find IE11, just hide it from there.




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