Build 2014 sessions announced!

Only one day left for the biggest Microsoft event of the year and our Folks from Redmond couldn’t wait until tomorrow to announce the agenda, and the only thing I can say is, “I AM SO EXCITEDDDDD!!!!!”

Let’s take a look to some of the sessions that are going to be broadcasted:

For HTML 5 developers:

HTML5 Platform from Web to Apps

What’s New in WinJS- The Road Ahead

Building a Converged Phone and PC App using HTML and JavaScript

Blending the Web with Platform Capabilities

Cutting Edge Graphics in HTML

For enthusiast developers:

The New Windows Phone Application Model

Kinect 101- Introduction to Kinect for Windows

Building Geo-Aware Apps with Maps and Geofencing

What’s New with Windows Phone Silverlight Apps!

Live Tiles Enhancements

Sequencers, Synthesizers, and Software, Oh My! Building Great Music Creation Apps for Windows St

Building Video and Audio Streaming Apps

Sensors Platform Enhancements in Windows Phone

The New Video Editing APIs for Windows Phone- Windows.Media.Editing

The Present and Future of .NET in a World of Devices and Services

Xbox Music API – Music for Every App

Take Your Solution Worldwide from the Start with Bing Translator

For dev masters:

Multitasking and Triggered Background Tasks for Windows Phone Apps

Building Great Bluetooth Apps for Windows Phone

Notification Platform Development on Windows

Dealing with Data- Storage, Roaming, and Backup on Windows and Windows Phone

Kinect for Windows Session #2

Windows Desktop Development Platform Advancements

Windows Platform- SDL Best Practices

Wrap a Mobile API around your Enterprise and take Data Offline with NoSQL on Windows Phones and…

Understanding Customer Patterns- Instrumenting an App for Telemetry and Analytics

Extend your WIndows Apps with Nokia SDKs

Rapidly Detect Application Outages with Application Insights

For lazy guys that want to make money quick:

App Studio for Windows and Windows Phone- Pre Launch Preview

For optimizers:

Developing Apps using the Common XAML UI Framework

What’s New for Azure Developers in Visual Studio and Azure SDK

Strategies for Developing Cross-Device Applications with Visual Studio 2013

From 4 to 40 inches- Developing Windows Applications across Multiple Form Factors

For IT Pros:

Better App Compat with Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11

Windows Phone Enterprise Management

Deploying and Managing Enterprise Apps

New Security Features for Windows Phone

The New Authentication Model for Web, Mobile, and Cloud Applications

Mobile Push Notifications to Any Client with Azure Notification Hubs

What’s New in Azure Networking

Running Java and Oracle Applications on Azure

For Productivity:

Build Connected Productivity Apps

Go Mobile with C# and Xamarin

SharePoint 2013 Apps with AngularJS

Getting Started with Visual Studio Online

Tips and Tricks in Visual Studio 2013

SharePoint Power Hour – New Developer APIs and Features for Apps for SharePoint

Office Power Hour – New Developer APIs and Features for Apps for Office

Building Enterprise Social Apps with Yammer

Captivate Consumers with the OneNote API

Developing Office 365 Cloud Business Apps

Apps for Outlook Power Hour

Deep Dive into Git with Team Foundation Server

Building Cross-Platform Line of Business Apps with Mobile Services

For Gamers:

Building Your First Windows Game with Unity

Extending Xbox Experiences to Devices

Understanding the Xbox One Game Platform Built on Windows

Building Games for Windows

Innovations in High Performance 2D Graphics with DirectX Across Windows and Windows Phone

Direct3D 12 API Preview

DirectX Graphics Development with Visual Studio 2013

For Designers:

What about XAML UI and Controls-

Tips and Tricks for Designing a Great Accessibility Experience for Your App

Strategies for World Domination- Design Research Advice for Developers

For investors:

Maximizing Revenue for Phone, Tablet and PC Apps in the Windows Store

Windows and the Internet of Things

Windows Phone and Windows- Store and Dev Center

Respecting Your Investments- How to Leverage Your Existing Code In a New Windows Runtime LOB App

Windows Store, Dev Center, Monetization and Ads- A Panel Discussion

Promote Your App in Search Results

These are only some of them , not all, so you can check them all following the next links:

  • Watch Live — Starting April 2 on Channel 9 Go →
  • Session Listing – Browse the sessions and build your own schedule Go →
  • Session Recordings — Available 24-48 hours after each session concludes Go →
  • Session Evaluations — Attended or watched a session? Tell us what you thought about it Go →

    Now you have an excuse to ask for two days off at work and stay at home following the event online.

    Enjoy it!

    – May the code be with you –


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