What is XBOX SmartGlass? Try it on W8, WP8, Android and iOS

With only 1 week until the new announcement of the next XBOX, there are people that don’t know SmartGlass yet.




It’s a free app that connect your devices to the XBOX entertainment and it’s available for the devices that you already own. It’s available for Windows 8, Windows Phone and many Android and iOS Devices.

Xbox SmartGlass turns your mobile phone or tablet into a second screen that intelligently interacts with your Xbox 360 to elevate your entertainment experience. Xbox SmartGlass allows for your devices and TV to talk to each other to enhance your favorite TV shows, movies, music, sports and games.


So, you can use your phone, tablet, or Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets and PCs to control your living room Xbox experience. Navigate the Xbox dashboard, pause and rewind your favorite movie, swipe, pinch, and tap to surf the Web on your TV, and use your device’s keyboard for easy text input and search on your console.

You can discover more, easier, and don’t just watch your TV but interact with it.

Let’s look into some features from the E3 2012 event.

If you need some guidance about how to use it, you can follow this SmartGlass Tutorials to see what you can do with your tablet or smartphone.

And of course, the official website where you will find all the information required.


So now,… What are you waiting for?

Happy playing!


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